Year-Round Harvest Course

winter salad_NolanCalisch-24For the first time in January I’m eating from my garden thanks to these classes!  My beets, broccoli, arugula and kale have survived the winter and supply me with delicious winter salads topped with fresh eggs from my chickens.  While I can’t eat from my garden everyday of the week in the winter, just the fact that I have some food from my garden year round keeps me connected to my role as an urban farmer and the simple reminder to value the food I eat.”

—-Stephanie, 2011 student

Serious about affordable, vibrant, home-grown food?

This 9-month course has been crafted to help you eat from your garden year-round.  We’ll teach you what, when and how to plant, plus how to care for your garden while keeping the time manageable, and get the freshest food you’ll ever eat onto your family’s plates (and even into your kids’ mouths).  An expert visit to your garden site will help you design for success, and support between classes will help you stay on track.  You’ll even receive plants and seeds, at the right time to plant them.

The program is “on hold” for 2019.  We will offer some classes on a stand-alone basis.  Join the mailing list for garden tips and updates on classes, tours and free work/learn parties.  Class descriptions are linked below and dates represent approximate timing.

Feb 20           Orientation, Soils, Bed Preparation and Mapping, Sat. 1-4

Feb 25           Planning for the Year-round Harvest, Thur. 6-8:30  

March 5        Bed Preparation/Soils/Waking up the Garden, Sat 1-3:30

April 9           Composting and Better Garden Management, Sat 1-3:30

May  7      Expert Garden Skills/ Seed, Weed, Harvest, Sat 1-3:30

June 9           Water Wise Gardening/Planning for the Winter Harvest, Thurs 6:00-8:30

July 7            Hot Weather Planting/Planning for Winter Eating, Thurs 6:00-8:30

Aug 4            Food Preservation/Solar cooking, Thurs 6:00-8:30

Sept 8       Growing Seeds for your Garden and Community, Thurs 6:00-8:30

Oct 8             Winterizing your Garden and Tool Maintenance, Saturday 3-5

Please note: Feb. 25 class meets Thursday evening, indoors.

Core program: 10 classes, class notes, site visit, office hours, 10 plant/seed coupons.  $305/household (prorated) – Payment plans and scholarships available.

$270.00Register Now

Tell-A-Friend Rewards! Get more plants, seeds, or mentoring – free.

Want to learn, but can’t take the full program? All classes are open to drop-ins if space permits.  To register for individual classes, click on the respective class links. 


10 classes – monthly, two in February.

As with any college course, each class builds on those before it, and students who attend every class will get the most out of the program.

Tell-A-Friend Rewards! If your friend or neighbor (or anyone) signs up for the course due to your referral, you get 10 additional plant coupons.  If two friends sign up, choose 20 coupons for the two referrals, or an additional site visit.  Bring a friend to one class and get one plant coupon.

Household: you may bring your domestic partner, roommate or well-behaved child to any class at no extra cost.  Additional household members are half-price – $220.  Learn with your family!

Coaching/Site visit – we will meet you at your garden site and help you make the most of your space.  We’ll also look at your tools and soil, advise you on care and what you might wish to add.  Value $75 – (additional charge for travel time over 1/2 hr)

Mentoring/office hours: support between classes, online and by phone – up to two calls per month included.  Valued at $30/hr for up to 4 hrs = $120 (but we estimate you’ll need less).

Additional coaching/mentoring services available at 5% off our regular hourly rates.

10 coupons for plants and seeds – redeemable at any class.  Choose which crops you want to grow!  (Additional plants and seeds will be available for purchase at fair market value.)  Value – $30

Total value of package = $315 + 75 +30 + 60 = $480  Your price: only $445

Plants and seeds:

At each class we will offer a selection of high-quality, organically-grown plants and seeds, the same crops and varieties we are planting in our own garden.  We will also provide a list of other crops we are planting this month, as well as some suggestions for others that are appropriate to plant at this time.

Plants will be larger sizes, to accommodate your busy life.  They are ready to plant on the day of the class, but can hold for a week or so in their pots if properly cared for.


Photo credit: Nolan Calisch