Class 6: Water Conservation/Summer Planning for Winter Eating

Keep your lettuces sweet and your water bills low.

And did you know?
The carrots you eat next January…are the ones you plant in June.

  • Water conservation tips for healthy plants
  • Drip irrigation
  • Tomatoes: more keys to success
  • Design your summer plantings for hot-weather resilience and winter abundance
  • making the most of your garden space
  • Novel recipes for early-summer treats


When: 6-8:30 pm Wednesday, June 12

Location: Cully neighborhood, NE Portland.  Frequent service on Trimet #75. Off-street bike parking available.

Cost:  $20-45 sliding scale.

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Part of the Year Round Harvest program.

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Scholarships  (for entire series!)  and work-trade available.   Call to discuss.  No one turned away for lack of funds.