Edible and Native Landscapes

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Native pollinators love native wildflowers.

A forest sanctuary filled with spring blooms, lush ferns, fall color, tasty berries for the birds – or your family.  A wildflower meadow where dragonflies dance.   Habitat for native pollinators and birds.  That warm feeling you earn, knowing you are doing your part.  Our expert analysis of your garden site and its soil will help save our planet, your time and your bills with plants adapted to our Pacific Northwest climate.

i1035 FW1.1 i1035 FW1.1Beds of vibrant greens, aromatic herbs, and luscious fruits please your eye as well as your palate. Invest in the abundance of your own edible landscape and savor the best food you’ll ever eat – while saving on your grocery bills.    Do you need a design, and want to experience the joy of planting and tending the garden yourself?  We’ll help you figure out what your household will use, and how much, then show you when, where and how – and everything else you need – for garden success.  Too busy to do much more than cook it up and eat it?  We’ll do the work, you enjoy your harvest.    Do as much or as little yourself as you like – all services are customized for your needs.

Did you know….many of our Northwest natives and beloved landscape species are edible and medicinal too?  Not just berries, but gourmet green vegetables and edible flowers to dress up your salads.

Try our novel recipes using native plants and unusual vegetables.