Handmade Gardens, Portland, Oregon


Garden services/hauling:  $25/hr

Onsite consultation: $30/hr

Design/research: $35/hr

15% discount for subscribers of Living City

Northeast Portland, MLK to 82nd Ave: one-hour minimum
Other Portland Eastside: two-hour minimum
Other areas: call to discuss
(As we are car-free, we must consider travel time.)

Garden consultations

Your initial consultation will last one to two hours.  When we
schedule this first meeting we will briefly discuss the scope of your project to determine the length of time needed.  You will receive a list of questions to help you prepare to get the most out of our time together.   Our meeting will be most productive if you have these questions answered ahead of time.

The initial consultation will begin with a walk around your landscape and a discussion of your garden goals, immediate and long-term.  Next we will discuss your specific concerns, whether questions, problems or projects.  We may observe special challenges or assets of your landscape.

If we are planning a larger project for your garden, we will finish by outlining next steps and followup.

Once we have developed this initial relationship, subsequent consultations may address your garden's progress, problems, or anything else that comes up.

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